Inception Report

This is the Inception Report of the ‘Capacity Development Facility to support the implementation of sector programmes under the ENPI Annual Action Programmes for Belarus’ (CDFB) EU Project, a project managed by the EU Delegation to Belarus and implemented by a Consortium led by GFA Consulting Group. 

The reporting period covers activities from the start of the Project on 31 October 2013 until 31 January 2014. 

According to the ToR of the CDFB Project, an Inception Report is to be produced no later than 3 months after the start of project implementation. In the Report, the consultant provides an analysis of the existing situation together with a detailed work schedule for the project and confirmation that the necessary links with all relevant bodies concerned with the Project have been established, and the individuals acting as coordinators or contact persons have been specified. 

The aim of an Inception Phase is to assess the local environment and to determine whether the original Terms of Reference are still relevant and whether the stated objectives can be achieved. 

Inception Report*


  • ANNEX 01 List of Main Meetings during the Inception Phase*
  • ANNEX 02 Monthly Operational Report November 2013*
  • ANNEX 03 Monthly Operational Report December 2013*
  • ANNEX 04 Report of the Meeting on 19-12-2013 and its Annexes*
  • ANNEX 05 Updated Logframe of the CDFB Project*
  • ANNEX 06 CDFB Detailed Project Workplan - Jan 2014*
  • ANNEX 07 CDFB IR Training Plan*
  • ANNEX 08 Communication and Visibility Plan*
  • ANNEX 09 CDFB Plan of Activities for the Next 6 Months*
  • ANNEX 10 Plan of Deployment of STE Days*
  • ANNEX 11 Timetable for Preparation of Specific Deliverables and Training Sessions*
  • ANNEX 12 Proposal for Composition and Functions of the CDFB Steering Committee*
  • ANNEX 13 Invitation to and Agenda of the first CDFB Steering Committee Meeting*
  • ANNEX 14 Comments and Approval of the IR by the EUD*

*Access to the documents is permitted only for authorized users or by official inquiry.