Progress Report №1

This is the First Progress Report of the EU „Capacity Development Facility to support the implementation of sector programmes under the ENPI Annual Action Programmes for Belarus – CDFB‟ - a Project managed by the EU Delegation to Belarus and implemented by a Consortium led by GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Germany. The reporting period covers activities in the first six months, from the legal start of the project on 31 October 2013 until 30 April 2014.

The Report intends to provide as many information as possible, still remaining relatively short and concise. Most of the information, included in the Annexes, will only be described shortly in the text of the Report. The focus is on producing the planned deliverables and promoting work of the beneficiaries as much as possible in every feasible field. The aspects of sustainability have started being considered from the first day of the project – through planning and implementing a significant amount of networking and capacity building activities. 

CDFB Progress Report №1*


  • ANNEX 01 List of main Meetings and Events*
  • ANNEX 02 Logframe of the CDFB Project*
  • ANNEX 03 CDFB Detailed Project Workplan - Whole Period*
  • ANNEX 04 Output Performance - Deliverables Status Report*
  • ANNEX 05 CDFB Plan of Activities for the Next 6 Months*
  • ANNEX 06 Incidentals Utilisation and Planning*
  • ANNEX 07 - 1 Training Action Plan Timetable - Whole Period*
  • ANNEX 07 - 2 Connection of Deliverables to Training Events*
  • ANNEX 07 - 3 Draft ToR for REPS Courses - CDFB May 2014*
  • ANNEX 07 CDFB Updated Training Action Plan May 2014*
  • ANNEX 08 Updated Communication and Visibility Plan*
  • ANNEX 09 Mission Report on Seminar in Maastricht, 14-15-04-2014*
  • ANNEX 10 Comments and Approval of the IR by the EUD-ANNOTATED*
  • ANNEX 11 Proposal for Composition and Functions of the CDFB Steering Committee*
  • ANNEX 12 Invitation to and Agenda of the first CDFB Steering Committee Meeting*

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