Conference on Main Tasks and Perspectives of the EU - Belarus Technical Cooperationin 2014 - 2020 (14 October 2014)

The purpose of the Conference was to take the next step in promoting implementation of the EU TA related programming and project implementation tasks in the period 2014-2020, and specifically in 2014-2017. The Conference informed about and analyzed the forthcoming periods from a topical approach. It also became a visibility event, since the topics on the agenda have not yet been covered for such a broad audience.

The Conference was organised by the CDFB project in close cooperation with the NCU, with active participation of the latter.

The event hosted 106 participants representing the core central pubic administration institutions and regional authorities involved in the EU programmes, CSOs and independent experts, EUMS embassies, other ITA projects representatives plus representatives of the EUD. The Conference was moderated by Dr Janos Zakonyi, CDFB Project TL.