Study tour to Lithuania (15 - 18 October 2014)

The purpose of the study tour was team-building; continuing exchange of views on EU related cooperation as well as on ITA coordination topics and gaining direct experience of the Lithuanian situation in the respective fields.

The Study tour was organised to planned members of the Belarusian EA platform. These ideas have been raised at the Workshop on 23 July 2014 and further developed during the Round table event and the Visibility Conference on 14 October 2014. 

Participation in the Study tour helped to: 
  • Increase the participants’ knowledge and skills on the subjects that will be on the agenda and through it will to contribute to capacity building at the different sectorial ministries and regional authorities and NGOs; 
  • Promote direct exchange of information between different governmental institutions on one side and between governmental experts and NGOs and central and regional level experts – on the other; 
  • Contribute to the process of ‘training the trainers’ that is one of the aspects of the CDFB project and, 
  • Increase motivation of the participants in working on external assistance topics, which are often regarded as additional burden to experts of different ministries.