Training Workshop on the EU 2014-2020 Financial Framework and the System of Implementation of the EU – Belarus Technical Cooperation (23 July 2014)

Primarily, the workshop was proposed to facilitate the initiation of consultations between the key national stakeholders with involvement of CSOs, individual experts and other partners interested in improvement of existing national coordination mechanisms / institutional set up dealing with ITA, as a preface to the creation of the External Assistance Coordination Working Group (EACWG). Secondly, it was taken the opportunity of presence in Belarus of the Mrs Galina Mihailova, SSNKE - tasked with elaboration of the guidelines for the EU financial planning framework for 2014-2020 - to share her ideas about these guidelines preliminary structure and content. In the expected feedback, to find out what are the preferences regarding this guideline content, in order to produce a tailor-made and meaningful output to satisfy the needs of all interested target groups. In above-mentioned context, the event was targeted at:
  • Preparing propitious grounds for the creation of EACWG; 
  • Initiating of the process of consolidation of the knowledge of the Belarus stakeholders, planned and actually involved in EU TA programmes implementation, on the EU financial planning framework; 
  • Informing the project stakeholders about the need to fortify their capacity to be able to more effectively coordinate the sector TA and be better tuned to the EU TA programming cycle through the training opportunities the CDFB project is going to offer. 
The workshop was organised by the CDFB project in close cooperation with the NCU, with active participation of the later. The logistics were ensured by the CDFB project, while the support of the NCU staff was solicited on a case-by-case basis. At the same time, the NCU contribution was very useful at the stage of preparation of presentations (Russian version) and pre-event peer-review, i.e. green running stage combined with on-the-job training of lesser-experienced staff.