Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)

DCI contributes to the achievement of other objectives of EU external action, in particular fostering sustainable economic, social and environmental development as well as promoting democracy, the rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights. Only the Thematic Programmes of the DCI are available to Belarus. 

Global Public Goods and Challenges (GPGC) thematic programme: 

The GPGC programme will seek to achieve this objective through coherent, coordinated and focused action, in a number of key areas: 
  • environment and climate change 
  • sustainable energy 
  • human development (including health, education, gender equality, employment, skills, social protection and social inclusion as well as economic development-related aspects such as growth, jobs, trade and private sector engagement) 
  • food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture 
  • migration and asylum. 

Although the GPGC is aimed primarily at issues that are best addressed globally or at the multiregional level, it may be used for country specific programmes in accordance with the DCI regulation. 

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) thematic programme: promote an inclusive and empowered civil society and local authorities, increase awareness and mobilisation on development issues, and strengthen the capacity for policy dialogue on development. 

Who can apply? 

Decentralized bodies of the partner countries (municipalities, provinces, departments and regions), joint bodies set up by the partner countries and regions with the Community, non state actors, as well as international organisations and EU agencies.