Call for Expressions of Interest - 'Business Cooperation Centres' in third countries for the Enterprise Europe Network (2015 - 2020)

Call for Expressions of Interest - 'Business Cooperation Centres' in third countries for the Enterprise Europe Network (2015 - 2020)

Starting from 2014 participation of third countries in EU internal programmes – programmes developed exclusively for EU member-states, aimed to contribute cooperation between its members-states in different, preliminary determined, areas for the achievement of set by the EU goals is more open.

COSME ( – Competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs is one of such programmes. The main aim of the Programme is creation of conditions to promote growth of SMEs, increase of their competitiveness and sustainable growth as well as entrepreneurship culture in general.

Based on Article 7 of COSME Regulation, organizations and entities form Belarus may also participate in part of the actions under the Programme. However, these entities are not entitled to receive a European financial contribution. EASME shall support these entities by making available the appropriate coordination and operational support.

At present time Call for expressions of interest is open under one of COSME signature projects for the participation of Business Cooperation Centres in third countries under Enterprise Europe Network (2015 - 2020) (ЕЕN)

The following Belarusian entities may participate in this call as a part of a consortium: SME organisations (including also EU-based business organisations or representative organisations of SMEs with a clear presence in the third country); National development agencies; Innovation agencies; Research organisations or foundations; Business and technology transfer support units of higher education institutions such as universities; Foreign direct investment and/or export promotion agencies; other bodies tasked with improving the access of SMEs to support services for business partnering, internationalisation and innovation projects and other topics relevant to this call for expression of interest.
Deadline for the submission of applications: 31 October 2014 18:00 (Brussels time).
The next cut-off date for further applications: 15 March 2015
To read more about the necessary application documents you can at the official website of the European Commission ( ).

Information is provided by the Institute for Economic Research of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus