Training Conference "Development Cooperation in Belarus: How We Are Doing and Can We Do It Better?" will take place in Minsk on December, 12

On the 12th of December at "Manastyrski" Hotel  National Coordinating Unit together with the CDFB Project organize a Training Conference on "Development Cooperation in Belarus: How We Are Doing and Can We Do It Better?".

The aim of the Conference is:

- to provide interactive training to a large number of stakeholders of EA in Belarus on EU related cooperation issues and on programming, project identification, project design (implementation and management, capacity building), monitoring and reporting and program / project related transparency and visibility issues and requirements;

- to promote the establishment of a modern EA coordination system on the side of the governmental institutions, regional officers and NGOs by providing the opportunity for ministries and regions and NGOs to inform each other about their respective activities, results and problems in the EA field in 2013-2014;

-to establish the framework for an annual reporting / information system, based on information to be regularly provided by the Belarusian beneficiaries and partners of EA projects;

- to collect information on the activities and status of cooperation and plans of governmental institutions with the aim to include them into a first, experimental edition of a "2014 Report on EA in Belarus", to be continued at regular intervals thereafter

The event is funded by the CDFB Project.

For further information, please contact the office: +375 17 200 64 65

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