The Belarusian consortium for the first time has won in the call for proposals within the EU internal programme COSME

The Belarusian consortium for the first time has won in the call for proposals within the EU internal programme COSME
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In the beginning of June 2015 a significant event took place in the sphere of programme cooperation between Belarus and the European Union (EU) – the Belarusian consortium consisting of the Innovation association “The republican centre for technologies transfer”, the Union of legal entities “Republican confederation of entrepreneurship”, State Scientific Institution “Centre of System Analysis and Strategic Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, as well as the State Organization “Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere” for the first time has won in the call for proposals within the EU internal programme COSME.

The purpose of the COSME Programme is competitive growth and sustainable development of enterprises, including small and medium, as well as improvement of entrepreneurial culture, SME’s formation and growth.

The EU internal programmes are aimed to promote cooperation between European Union Member States (EUMS) in different preselected spheres in order to achieve EU specified objectives. Participation of third countries (i.e. non-EUMS) has been essentially extended in such programmes since 2014. The EU internal programmes significantly differ from the international technical assistance (ITA) programmes which are designed for rendering assistance to the developing countries, as well as to countries in transition and are financed on a grant basis.

The “Creation of the Business Cooperation Centre “Enterprise Europe Network Belarus” project approved by the European Commission has the aim of contributing to technologies transfer, business cooperation, as well as establishing partnerships between small and medium enterprises and scientific institutions of Belarus and EU in the sphere of scientific investigations for the purposes of competitive growth.

Participation in the EU internal programmes is a new stage of EU-Belarus cooperation which widens the EU-Belarus cooperation in the ITA sphere that has already existed for more than 23 years.

Within this project the Belarusian participants will have an opportunity to become integrated into the European network for technology transfer support, business development and partnerships’ establishment in Europe in the sphere of scientific investigations – EEN which is impossible to achieve within the ITA programmes. In its turn this will contribute to the entry of Belarusian organizations into the European markets. This means that the Belarusian participants of such programmes will have a possibility to obtain commercial profit.

Participation of Belarusian organizations in the EU internal programmes represents new experience. The experience that has to be developed in the future.

The team of the Coordinating Unit for the EU Tacis Programme in the Republic of Belarus and of the EU ITA project “Capacity Development Facility to Support the Implementation of Sector Programmes under the ENPI Annual Programmes for Belarus” (CDFB-Project) congratulate the participants of the EEN-Belarus project with the significant results and wish fruitful success during implementation!

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