Alexander Lukashenko wants Belarus’ dairy industry to reach European standards

NESVIZH REGION, 11 August (BelTA) – The Belarusian dairy enterprises should strive to comply with European standards, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said as he visited the Nesvizh region on 11 August.

“Milk should be sold; some of it should be exported. The European Union does not mind certifying our products, but they should be in compliance with certain standards,” the head of state said. “Profitability is what matters most. If a company makes profit, it has the right to exist,” he added.

Talking about rational structuring of the Belarusian agriculture, the President said, “We should not invest in the projects which will not pay back”. Money should not be spent on endless capital repairs if a company does not generate real profit.

Apart from that, the head of state reiterated the benefits of gradual enlargement of agricultural enterprises. “If everything is concentrated in one place, it would be easier to manage the production process,” Alexander Lukashenko stated. “We should no way simplify the structures of profitable enterprises,” he added.