Bombel-3 project brought to completion

Today, on 9 November, Ambassador Maira Mora, Head of the European Union Delegation to Belarus, visited Rudovka-Lesnaya, a border crossing point on the Belarus-Poland border, to attend the closing ceremony of "Bombel-3", a border management project to which the European Union had contributed more than 7 million euro.

The basic goal of this two-year assistance project was to construct a modern data communication network based on fibre optic cables at Belarus’ entire border with Poland, to be used by the Belarusian Border Guards and Customs Services. Such infrastructure supports the use of modern biometrics control, electronic customs declaration software, access to international databases at border crossing points. It makes generally border control procedures more efficient and faster. All activities were finalised as scheduled this September.

Ambassador Mora thanked the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the three contracted companies, Belabstelecom, Tsentrzvyazstroy and Ove Arup, for the productive cooperation in the framework of the project. "By helping to increase the capacity of the Belarusian State Border Committee, we help to decrease transit time, support tourism and business in Belarus, facilitate licit trade across borders, and promote people-to-people contacts," the Ambassador noted.

Since 2001, the European Union has provided over 47 million euros for border management on projects implemented in Belarus alone, not counting regional projects in which Belarus has participated. The European Union has also allocated 2.6 million euros for a future Eastern Partnership project aimed at strengthening surveillance capacities at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Fifty percent of these funds are reserved for Belarus. In addition, the European Union will contribute approximately 20 million euros to the reconstruction of four Belarusian border crossing points in the framework of two cross-border cooperation programmes in 2012-2013.

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