Call for Proposals for Jean Monnet Projects


The Jean Monnet Programme is designed to increase knowledge and awareness about European integration by promoting teaching, research and debate on European Union matters.
The Jean Monnet Programme is aimed exclusively at higher education institutions (university-level institutions).
Via the call for proposals, higher education institutions can apply for support for the following sub-actions:
- Jean Monnet European Modules are short courses on European integration;
- Jean Monnet Chairs are teaching posts with a specialisation in European integration studies;
- "Ad personam" Jean Monnet Chairs constitute awards reserved for (i) distinguished professors who deliver evidence of a high-level international teaching and publication record and/or (ii) professors with a distinguished background as former high-level practitioners in the field of European integration;
- Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence are a clearly labelled pluridisciplinary structures pooling scientific, human and documentary resources for European integration studies and research within one or more universities;
- Support for associations of professors and researchers specializing in European integration addresses associations whose explicit purpose is to contribute to the study of the European integration process;
- Support for information and research activities relating to European integration aims to promote discussion, reflection and knowledge about the European integration process via conferences, seminars, roundtables and summer schools ;
- Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Groups are partnerships between at least three Jean Monnet Chairs from three different countries leading to the creation of an integrated academic network with a joint research plan and pluridisciplinary synergies in the field of European integration studies.

For further information on the 2009 Jean Monnet call, see: