Eleven Belarusian universities to participate in Erasmus Mundus

The Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency, which is mandated by the European Commission to manage Erasmus Mundus Programme, has announced the results of this year's selection of project proposals under all three Actions of the programme. Both EU and non-EU universities are eligible to submit their proposals for projects establishing Erasmus Mundus Master Courses and Joint Doctorates (Action 1), student and staff mobility actions (Action 2) and measures to promote European Higher Education (Action 3).

Belarusian universities are actively involved in Action 2 of Erasmus Mundus: from 2012-2013 as many as eleven of them will be involved in seven partnerships with universities from other countries, both EU and non-EU. Erasmus Mundus partnerships support the establishment of cooperation between EU higher education institutions and higher education institutions from targeted non-EU countries with the objective of organising and implementing structured individual mobility arrangements between the EU and non-EU partners. Scholarships of various lengths for EU and non-EU individuals (students, scholars, researchers, professionals) are available as part of the partnership arrangements. For Belarus, a total of about 200 scholarships are envisaged in the framework of the seven partnerships for the next three to four years.

Erasmus Mundus partnerships are the basis for enhancing academic cooperation and exchanges of students and academics, contributing to the socio-economic development of non-EU countries targeted by EU external cooperation policy. Partnerships must include a minimum of 5 higher education institutions from at least 3 EU countries and a number of higher education institutions from targeted non-EU regions. Special attention is given to disadvantaged groups and populations in vulnerable situations.

More about Erasmus Mundus:

* http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus_mundus/index_en.php
* http://tempus.unibel.by/ru/main.aspx?guid=1881

Selection results 2012 under all three Actions of Erasmus Mundus:

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