LATVIA-LITHUANIA-BELARUS Programme. Preparation of large-scale projects. Meeting at the State Customs Committee in Minsk.

In the framework of the EU ENPI CBC programme LATVIA-LITHUANIA-BELARUS a meeting took place at the premises of the State Customs Committee (SCC) in Minsk on 03 March 2010 re the preparation of two large-scale projects (Construction and rehabilitation of two border-crossing facilities in Grigorovshchina and Privalka).  

The following officials and experts participated at the meeting:

Mr. Gediminas Chesonis, Head of the Regional Development Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lithuania,

Ms. Aukse Berndadishene, Director of the programme Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS),

Mr. Dmitry Sharko, JTS expert,

Mr. Gedrus Surplis, JTS expert,

Mr. Piotr Shulga, Advisor of the Unit for  European Integration, European Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Mr. Vladimir Shevchonok, Deputy Head of Unit for Cooperation with International Organisations and Coordination of Technical Assistance, Ministry of Economy,
Mr. Leonid Dosov, Deputy Chairman of the SCC,

Mr. Alexander Aderejko, Head of Legal Department, SCC,

Ms. Ludmila Nikolayeva, Head of Financial and Economy Department, SCC,

Mr. Victor Pashkevich, Head of Customs Infrastructure Development, SCC,

Ms. Olga Kazak, Head of Unit for Customs Infrastructure Development and Management, SCC,

Mr. Victor Lishankov, Head of Unit for Communication and Technical Means, SCC,

Mr. Sergej Fiodorov, Head of Unit for Customs Control, Departmentof Customs Control, SCC,

Ms. Marina Oleynikova, Chief Inspector, Planning and Financing Unit, SCC,

Mr. Alexander Tsivinsky, Chief Inspector, International Cooperation Unit, Legal Department, SCC,

Mr. Leonid Orlov, Executive Director of the Tacis Coordinating Unit (NCU),

Mr. Eugine Odinets, Expert of the Tacis Coordinating Unit (NCU),

Mr. Boris Smolin, Team Leader of the EU TANCU project.