Mozyr residents have participated in the first large-scale medical examination under joint EU/UNDP project.

From March 29 till April 2 a large-scale medical examination (screening) of adults and children was held in Mozyr town (Gomel Region) under the joint EU/UNDP project “Combat the Negative Effects of the Chernobyl Disaster in Belarus.”

The screening was conducted on the basis of the Mozyr central clinic with the assistance of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (BelMAPO)within the project component “Establishment of International Scientific and Practical Centre of Thyroid Disease”.

“This is the first medical screening conducted within the framework of the EU / UNDP project. The new data obtained in the course of the mass medical examination will serve as a fundamental scientific platform for the International Center, scheduled to open in late 2010” - said project manager Andrew Pinigin.

Throughout the week, doctors and laboratory assistants of the International Fund “Arnika” have examined over 600 people, with150 of them being children. Prelimi nary results of the medical screening show that people, living in the contaminated areas, are in need of regular routine medical checks by qualified specialists there is a vivid need of constant care and monitoring by medical specialists of people living in contaminated areas.

The screening included ultrasonic examination of thyroid glands, anthropometry, as well as thyroid hormones tests. Living experience and long-term studies in Belarus have showed that from the events of the year 1986 are still adversely affecting people’s health. In this connection, medical specialists have paid special attention to children, born after Chernobyl Disaster. Unfortunately, some anomalies and pathologies associated with both the thyroid gland and with the general physical development of children have been revealed during the screening.

The analysis of the screening data is still under way, but their preliminary assessment shows that cases of thyroid diseases were identified among young people who had not had thyroid treatment on their medical records before, according to Maxim Luschik, DM. Even preliminary results of the screening serve as a solid justification of the necessity to provide the general public in the Chernobyl-affected regions with information materials and education with special emphasis made on the crucial importance of people’s active involvement in the dynamic monitoring of their own health.

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