This type of programmes is being developed and managed by the EC or the EU Delegation in the partner country.

To participate in the call for proposals for projects from Belarus may republican and local authorities, research institutes, educational institutions, foundations, associations, public associations and other nonprofit organizations.

Depending on the type of the announced contest the application is sent to the EC (Brussels, Belgium) or to the EU Delegation in Belarus.

Information on the thematic programs of the EU for 2007-2013 is presented in the table below:

Programme titlePrioritiesProgramme's budget, million euro
Investing in human capital - Health
- Gender Equality
- Education
- Social security
- Culture
- Children and young people
Environment and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy - Forest
- Climate Change
- Renewable Energy
Migration and Asylum1. Building links between migration and development
2. Promoting effective management of labor migration
3. Fighting illegal immigration and facilitating the departure of illegal immigrants
4. Protecting migrants against exploitation and prohibition of entry
5. Support for asylum and international protection, including through the regional protection programs
Associations of citizens and local authorities: partnership for development1. Develop and implement local strategies of sustainable development
2. The introduction and dissemination of innovative approaches
3. Involvement of citizens in local development
4. Activities at the local level to improve the quality and accessibility of public services or the prevention of poverty
Food safety1. Research, innovation and the dissemination of information in the field of food safety
2. Using information to improve decision-making
To highlight Belarus share in the budgets of specific programs in the programming phase it is not possible for the following reasons: this type of program funds are distributed among international organizations such as UNICEF, the UCMJ UN refugee agency, IOM et al., As well as allocated for global and local competitions applications. These relations are established by the EC. Therefore, the approximate percentage of the country's budget for the thematic program can be determined by the total budget approvals.

The exception here is the program "Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development", the local competitions which are announced by the EU Delegation in Belarus, according to the NPC for 2012-2013 the total budget for this program for 2007-2013 was planned in the amount of 10.5 million euros.

As in the programming period 2007-2013 in 2014-2020 the thematic programmes of the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) will be available for Belarus.

Thematic programmes were introduced by the European Commission because the objectives of EU policy only in the framework of geographical programmes can not be fully and effectively achieved.

Thematic programmes are made up of three units:
  • Block A - Program for the conservation of public goods and solve global problems.
  • Block B - Programme for civil society organizations and local authorities.
  • Block C - Pan-African program.
Blocks A and B will be available for Belarus.

Block A. The program for the conservation of public goods and solve global problems.
The purpose of the Programme for the Conservation of public goods and global problems is to strengthen cooperation, exchange of knowledge, experience and potential of the partner countries. The program covers the following areas of cooperation, ensuring a maximum successful cooperation and taking into account the strong relationship between them:
  • environment and climate change
  • sustainable energy
  • human development
  • food security and sustainable agriculture
  • migration and asylum
Block B. The program is for civil society organizations and local authorities.
In accordance with the approved program of support for democracy, human rights and good governance on the part of the EU program for civil society organizations and local authorities is intended to strengthen cooperation, the process of exchanging knowledge and experience, as well as the potential of civil society organizations and local authorities in partner countries to support the Millennium Development Goals, adopted at the global level.

Name of cluster (direction) and programmes

Budget, million EUR


Block A. Thematic program on global public goods and challenges

6 303,2


- Environment and climate change



- Sustainable energy



- Development of human potential



- Food security and sustainable agriculture



- Migration and asylum



Block B. Thematic program for civil society organizations and local authorities

2 000

Thus, for the programmes with the participation of Belarus in 2014 - 2020 was allocated more than 8 billion euro.

As in the programming period 2007 - 2013, in 2014 - 2020 thematic programs will be implemented through a global and local calls for proposals and direct award of grants. Conducting global competition carries the EC and local - the EU Delegation in the partner country (Belarus - EU Delegation in Belarus). Direct grants are provided by international organizations.